Throwback Thursdays: 1992 Interbike Trade Show

15 May, 2014

Interbike has been mayhem for ages.  For WTB's beautiful 1992 booth, construction of all the pieces took place at 134 Redwood Avenue, WTB's headquarters at the time, in Corte Madera, CA - another small town flanking Mt. Tam's hillsides. Mark Slate had a master plan.  It was a late night before departure but sure enough, it worked, and was gorgeous.

On the walls of the booth, you can see several other companies posted up - Speciaized, Merlin, Finish Line, Blackburn is covered up.  WTB was licensing technology to many other brands.  Merlin was using a very lightweight, pressed-in Grease Guard bottom bracket.  Getting that deja vu feeling?  Yep, WTB was on it way back with pressed-in bottom brackets.  WTB also designed the Specialized ProLong saddle you see on the PHOENIX bikes below, as well as the Ground Controls and Hardpacks the Phoenix frames sported.  They're also wearing their lovely WTB/Blackburn Bomber cages, clutching their fashionable Crystal Geyser 1.5L bottles, pretty sweet.  So, as threatened before, you can find WTB products under different names as well - yet again, here's proof.  Enjoy the following photos and long live Interbike.

Greg Biber, a man amidst mere boys, worked the show. There is nothing Biber can't do - build an impeccable frame? Of course. Save the day at the trade show? Sure. Remove trees from parking lots? No sweat. Work warranty? Done deal. Save WTB from flooding in the winter? Every year. Pump WTB out having been flooded? That too.  The man is amazing, a legend, and nice as can be.


PHOENIX bikes, adorned as forewarned, pretty rad.  The don't touch parts are under the glass.


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