Bikes are rad.  We know this.  Everybody now knows this.  It is finally cool to ride your bike everywhere.  Why not commute by bike?

Fortunately, we’ve been pushing bike use since the 80’s.  Pushing means making things happen for bikes.  Other companies write checks to get their seal of bicycle advocacy approval.  We open tunnels, send decisive transportation executives on bike tours of the Netherlands, and pour our hearts and souls into making the world better for bikes.

Need proof?  Safe Routes to Schools started as nothing more than a small grant in our home town.  Now it’s a 612 million dollar, federally-funded program with real results and everlasting effects.

Why?  Because we care.  If we didn’t care, we wouldn’t invest inordinate amounts of time and man hours into a cause that we didn’t believe is worth fighting for.  Bikes don’t burn fossil fuels, they don’t cause congestion, don’t produce smog, and who’s ever heard of bicycle rage?  Others write checks, what do we give?  Blood.  Sweat.  Tears.  Undying devotion.  Making things happen for bikes.  Cause-driven since the 80’s.