Sponsorship is CLOSED. 

WTB has a long history of sponsoring events across the spectrum of the bicycle industry. From grass roots racing to new bike parks, WTB wants to partner in your success, getting more people riding bikes along the way!

WTB Sponsorship Proposals will be reviewed and assessed in the categories below. Apply for one of the following:

Athlete Sponsorship:

Be sure to address: How you can be a positive brand ambassador and create opportunities for exposure, race resume, and/or any related media you would like to send over. We also have programs in place for supporting grassroots cycling teams through Local Bike Shops that sell WTB products.

Bicycle Advocacy Project or Skills Clinic:

Be sure to address: How well the bicycle advocacy event compliments our lifestyle as a company of riders (commitment to healthy communities via bicycle infrastructure, programs, trail work and education); how many will be served; attendee demographics; and branding opportunities. 

Bicycle Event:

Be sure to address: How great an opportunity this might be to influence bicycle industry audiences who might not already be aware of our heritage and commitment to riding; attendee demographics in terms of age, product category, and branding/social media opportunities.


Sponsorship submission will close October 15th, 2016.  Sponsorship's will be awarded starting  December 15, 2016 for the 2017 season.


Please be sure your proposal explains in full detail what kind of local, and especially global, opportunities WTB will have to share in your event's success via social media, print media, blogs and video.

Questions? Email us at Sponsorship@wtb.com