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Two guys smart and savvy enough to have killed it in any industry or potentially lucrative venture chose bikes.  Why?  Because they get it.  This is what they love.  They could've made money, lots.  Sat in traffic.  Written high powered e-mails.  Cleared their throats loudly in meetings.  Yep, that smart.  They chose bikes and though they reside in different realms of the bike industry, they share on thing in common: they both like the new Nano 40.  It's in stock, by the way.  So hear what they say, they know what they're talking about.

First up, formerly ProbablyIsNotProbably, now revamped and

Rad + Atavist = RADAVIST

Anyone who hangs their cross bike on the wall when season ends is missing the point. A cyclocross bike is one of the most well-rounded rides you can own. I’ve said countless times before that my Geekhouse Mudville is my favorite bike I own. If only because I’ve made so many fond memories while riding it, in pain, covered in sweat, hating life, on a ride, not racing it.

For some reason, I never once thought to beef up my bike post-season. Well, I did, but I couldn’t fit my Bruce Gordon Rock and Road tires on it – the derailleur hanger clamp gets in the way. That was well over a year ago however.

Ok, the real reason why I never monster cross’d my cross bike is because there aren’t a whole lot of 40c cross tires on the market. In fact, just the other day I was planning on buying some of Surly’s 41c Knard tires when these 40c WTB Nano tires showed up in the mail.



The WTB Nano isn’t really a cross tire per say. It’s marketed to the finicky “gravel grinder” market, who need special equipment to ride dirt roads – please read that in jest. WTB claims it’s a go-to tire for the Tour Divide and other XC events. It even says “wilderness” on the casing.


In all honesty, when I first put these tires on, I wasn’t that impressed. All I kept thinking was how I’d need more knobs for the dusty, loose trails we ride in Austin and that they wouldn’t grip on roots or slick limestone like my Grifos would. Hey, I’m a creature of habit. I love my Challenge Grifos and it took a lot to make me take them off…

After I rode some familiar 1-track last Friday however, I fell in love. Sandy corners were cooked, roosts were had and tree roots, mixed with rock gardens were suddenly a lot easier on the wrists and back... READ MORE HERE


Next up, Kris Henry of 44 Bikes.  Tucked in by the twisty granite trails of New Hampshire, Kris knows dirt and all things bike, not to mention building visually mind bending gorgeous bikes:

WTB sent me a set of Nano 40mm's

...You’ll take note of the tire profile which is on the round side. Knobs are tightly spaced and the tread pattern is identical to the set of 29er Nano’s I’ve got in my tire collection which are a set of 2.1′s. The bike I built for myself I made sure I had ample room for different tire sizes as more and more tire companies seem to be going bigger. I found the switch from 32mm to 35mm a game changer. That little bit of extra size really makes a huge difference in the comfort department as well as the stability department as well especially with the roads I frequent around here. Not exactly typical with little to no pavement on most loops. And the pavement that I do frequent is a mess. Winter was not kind to the roads here in NH... READ FULL REVIEW AND POST HERE

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