Throwback Thursdays: 1995 VelociRaptor Killer Traction Ad

08 May, 2014

Pop quiz, hot shot.  On the left hand side of this stellar ad, what is an SASE it's referring to?  I sure didn't know.  An SASE is a Self-Addressed Stamped Envelope.  BLAOW!  1995.  Al Gore must have not yet invented the Internet because to find tech info, you sent to be sent.  Talk about sending it.

Also of rad note, Susie (who kindly explained self-addressed sending it to me) manipulated the dino's menacing claws to be clutching the ferocious tire, pretty high tech - I can't do that today but that really doesn't say much.

This ad appeared after the VelociRaptors had already owned the 1994 Mammoth Kamikaze / Reebok Eliminator under Jurgen Beneke.  Check out the full story HERE

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