The PHOENIX frames were amazing.  People absolutely love them and they deserve every ounce of praise they garner.  Oversized tubes before oversized tubes were cool, very progressive geometry for the times (read: single track shred-o-riffic), and meticulous, handmade construction are just a few of the features they're known for.  Somehow, they still rode smoothly despite their lovely, large tubes.  Part of this could be attributed to shorter seat tubes making for longer seat posts creating a smooth riding seat yet a stiff BB area.  Yeah, smart like that.  People still shred them today.  You find them ripping currently, often adorned with 5" forks, perhaps lovely lime green or burnt orange Marzocchis of yore, for when the going gets good, and that's really a key part to their success, shredability: "I doubt there's a better bike for the demanding world of technical trail riding than the PHOENIX" was what BIKE Magazine matter-of-factly stated in February of 1995.  SE (Special Edition) versions in '95 had Power Bosses beneath the chainstays, perfect for a roller cam or toggle cam.  In 98, a Ti version was even offered, luckies...  You can still see them parading proudly, shredding in their utmost manner of beauty and radness.  Long live the PHOENIX.

PHOENIX avec suspension, voila, how you say? Magnifique.  Nope, not French, made in Mill Valley.  That Specialized ProLong saddle and those Specialized Ground Control tires were designed by WTB.. correct, we still haven't forgotten.

Yep, perfect #1, 2, 3, 4, 5.... the official sweet lineup here in Mill Valley, CA back in the day.

And then present day - they bust out of confinement, like Susie's beautiful pink PHOENIX here.

And greet you upon entering, like Bryce's rad orange rocket, which Jaclyn shreds...

And hide like Chameleons in front of framed head badges...

And stay safely guarded behind desks like Gary's next to April Fools Day suits and downhill shred wear.  In the words of the great John Malkovich as Teddy KGB in Rounders, "Don't Touch!"

And that's it, long live the PHOENIX.  They're still out there, shredding happily, not complaining.

Throwback Thursdays: 1993 PHOENIX Frame

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Throwback Thursdays: 1993 PHOENIX Frame

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