32 grams.  That's all the WTB Chain Pup chain tool weighed.  Yes, gram counters have existed for centuries.  How can I be so sure?  Well, there probably was some guy in the 1800's named Gram.  Yes, I realize most would have been named Graham but I'm pretty sure he was a hipster, you know, ahead of the whole hipster craze.  I'm also guessing he was a counter.  There, that solves it.

Anyway, the Chain Pup was an elegant, beautifully crafted tool that could be easily carried on rides that could assist in an emergency when a 6 or 7 speed chain snapped.  It was small enough to fit in a patch kit even.  This furthers that been there done that concept too.  Companies now are sneaking chain tools into curious places on spendy, carbon bikes.  WTB just made a lovely one small enough to fit in a patch kit.  Problem solved, 1993.  Below you can check out the packaging it came bundled with - lovely lubricant from Finish Line and a 4, 5, 6 mm allen.  Not so shabby. 

At that time, 1993, it was Patent Pending.  I've always wondered about that.  The pending part.  Why not just say, "Patent effective, back off!"  Patent pending makes it sound like a mystery: Patent pending until further evidence revealed - case classified, TOP SECRET!


Thowback Thursdays: 1993 Chain Pup

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