Ride WTB parts, Stellar Kona bikes, Schralparific Trails for... wait for it... FREE

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Like George Washington, I sometimes cannot tell a lie.  Yes, you can freely rail singletrack to your heart's content and in the process, pun intended, ride some incredible WTB parts, free of charge.  The Volt saddle is amazing, everybody knows it, you've heard about it to no end.  Now is your chance to go ride one.  Every one of the shredtastic bikes above has a Volt on it (sorry Precept DL, I'm not George Washington, apparently I lie, you don't have a Volt.)  They also have amazing TCS rims on them.  Check out ST i23 rims, the amazing Frequency i25 TCS Team rims (that Jeff Herbertson just flawlessly owned the 72 foot gap on) spec'ed on the Process 153 DL and, even check out the super lightweight and wide KOM i23 rims on the Process 134 SE.

 Plus, for those of you relatively local in proximity to WTB, Hank and Frank, home to many lovely WTB goods and trail knowledge as well as passion, will be hosting the October 17th Joaquin Miller Park.  Talk to them and you won't be disappointed, plus you can find Trail Boss tires hanging in their stellar establishment.

So get out and ride WTB and Kona for free.  See what the fuss is about, no excuses.


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