Throwback Thursdays: Driftin' in '93

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This might as well be a how-to on old school drifting.  Step 1, put foot out.  Step 2, drift.  Step 3, regain composure.  If that's not savage enough for you, peep this line:

Big cloud, real dude.  This is the Trail Boss at his usual finest during a FauxTo Shoot in 1993 at the infamous Derby Bowl.  Why do I say FauxTo, aren't I supposed to know how to spell?  I'm not French, who're we kiddin' here?

I say FauxTo because it was a staged photo shoot.  It was as real as it gets for a photo shoot but meant to look as though everybody naturally showed up and strangely enough were decked in full WTB attire - stranger things have happened and this probably wasn't too far off for Derby days.  It's been featured before, you can read about it HERE.  Pretty much everybody dressed up in their WTB, went to the scene of the crime, Derby Bowl, and rad things transpired.  I've featured pictures from this shoot before but for the life of me, I can't track down these unbelievable contact sheet images.  They must have never been blown up (might blow up, but they won't go pop.)  It drives me nuts every time I comb through, hoping for a little magic to breathe its way into the box I've searched too many times - always a contact sheet, never individuals.  Here's what I find:

If only I could isolate just a couple, cheating and scanning like this:

Long live the Trail Boss - next time you're in a shop, go ahead and buy a pair, you might just find yourself in a situation like this (in a good way) getting rad:

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