The 1993 Derby Ride was an event that all WTB friends, family, racers and crew attended with the hopes of getting everyone together to take some sweet shots of the whole gang.  It was a ride that went up to the Derby Bowl, where riders would play bicycle derby on moonlight nights, often in a state of debauchery.  The Derby Bowl was accessed from Blithedale Ridge, which overlooks Larkspur Canyon - yes, this is the very same Larkspur Canyon of the Larkspur Canyon Gang, who can be credited with some of the very first mountain biking, klunking, and more than their fair share of debauchery and raucous merriment in the early days and origins of our lovely sport.  Hill 88 overlooking the Pacific Ocean and San Francisco was another favorite locale, boasting a nice, flat open arena for mayhem with quite a view and great exposure for moonlight.  While the displayed photo was for a hosted event in the 1993 days of WTB marketing, it paid homage to the days of derby and acted as an excuse to get the whole family together.  From left to right, front row, we've got Joe Shirado, Mark Slate, Caroline Denigris, Todd Franklin, Steve Potts with son Daniel, and Mark Pearson just behind him.  Down below we've got Nicky Cranmer and Josh Josephsen in the foreground.  The Derby still lives today, its participants may have gotten older but the spirit will never die.


Throwback Thursdays: WTB 1993 Derby Ride

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