WTB UK Enduro Team Bosses Local Trails

02 October, 2014

WTB UK Enduro Team - The Trail Boss from HotlinesEurope on Vimeo.

Happy Friday.  Our WTB UK Enduro Team has been killing it lately.  Gary Forrest and Rob Williams eat pieces of trail like you for breakfast...errr... see reference HERE.  What I meant to say is, they're Trail Bosses and this rad video that Hotlines and Gee Milner Films put together really shows the power these two enduro gents effortlessly wield.  Makes me wish I had - what do you call 'em?  Ahhh yes, muscles.  These guys sear trail, leave tread mark branding in unsuspecting soil.  Shot in Gary's local backyard in the Tweed Valley of the UK, they simply command what happens to the trail.  They do so on Trail Boss tires, KOM rims, and Volt saddles.  Check out the video to hear their thoughts on the Trail Boss tire... Be the Trail Boss.


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