Throwback Thursdays: Weir Caught 'Crossin'

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Bam, proof right here that Mr. Tough Guy, Mark Weir, often referred to as the Godfather of All Mountain riding in the US, has spent some time doing the unthinkable and racing a cross bike.  The jersey and relatively clean facial hair all point to perhaps 2003 - somewhere around that range.  The lovely rolling hills in the background could just very well be the backdrop of Infineon Raceway, formerly called Sears Point, a stone's throw from Weir's Novato turf.

So next time you nail that rockgarden line, giving yourself an air high five and thinking of Weir, just remember, even tough guys race cross.  The lure of cowbells and discomfort must attract all.  It is cyclocross season after all, grab some Cross Wolf tires and wreak havoc, even if it's dry grassy coned turns.

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