Rampage Tough, Herbertson Proven

29 September, 2014


Jeff did it.  He skyed higher, wavered less, committed more fully, and shamelessly carried more speed.  It seemed like he made a mockery of the 72 foot canyon gap, carrying speed unlike anyone else, boosting higher, and lofting his completely dialed flip with aplomb second to none.  Got anything else?  He almost seemed to say, stomping it not once but twice.
I don't think anybody will refute that Jeff went bigger than the rest on that 72 foot wide chasm of faith.  Ravine of doom would be a nice way to put it.
Jeff took 7th.  Yeah, yeah we think his numerical score should have been awarded a higher number.  But we're proud.  Honored to know him.  The hardest working guy in the get gnar game got recognized, finally, again post Hilbilly Huckfest (which he won, mind you. - yes, that is Jeff doing the horrendously large front flip, also Jeff at the end saying the event is the best, he couldn't ask for more.)  He's our hometown hero forever, even if he truly resides down in Santa Cruz / Aptos these days.  You couldn't find a nicer, calmer, truer, excellent example of what somebody should be - CONGRATS JEFF!
Jeff ran Frequency i25 26" TCS Team rims.  Jeff has spent a lot of time on these rims, pretty much in disbelief at how foolishly resiliently tough they are.  Jeff breaks things - like, for fun almost it seems.
It was a true all-hands-on-deck effort to get Jeff's wheels together.  Of course we made him more than one set.  Did you see qualifying?  Jeez.  Jeff sent us two sets of Stealth hubs.  Our product development office dug through all their fancy spokes to find the not-so-fancy, not-so-light, foolishly tough spokes.  We hunted, well Bryce hunted, beating down the doors of local shops to find brass nipples.  "Who runs brass nipples?"  They cocked their heads in amazement at his curious request.
A lot of spoke prep, a lot of tension, a lot of focus, and a lot of worry that he had them Jeff tough, and bam, Bryce had the Frequency i25 26" wheels built up and ready for Jeff abuse, all right here in this Mill Valley sales office.
So here's to Jeff, showing the world, the entire world, he can get it done.  He got it done aboard some Frequency i25 26" TCS Team rims - Rampage tough, Herbertson proven.  Congratulations Jeff, we couldn't be more proud.
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