Tire Technology


WTB was founded by and is controlled by people who care about riding mountain bikes. Tire passion runs deep and is a matter that is beyond personal to us, we’re downright particular about our treads. From our Ground Control tire designed for Specialized in 1985 to our 2013 Nine Line tire co-developed with Cannondale. From introducing the world to 27.5+ with the Trailblazer 2.8 in 2014 to bringing the same high-volume concept to drop bars with the tubeless 650b Horizon Road Plus tire in 2016. With countless favorite tires and innovations in between, it's become difficult to keep track.

WTB is responsible for the first 29” tire, the NanoRaptor 2.1 in 1999 and this tire is symbolic of the independence, ingenuity, and unadulterated creativity that go into each of our tread patterns today. 29” bicycles were the shameful dunces of a time period where wheel size could not be questioned.  The overwhelming popularity of this wheel size today in the global marketplace only gives credence to WTB’s unflinching spirit of innovation.

WTB’s tire future heads fearlessly forward with aid of 3d modeling, industrial design standards, and direct feedback from racers and customers.  Our wholehearted approach to Enduro racing has resulted in square-edged, open-tread patterns proven in the Alps and Dolomites.  New casings retaining compliance yet yielding impervious protection have resulted in a new understanding of what tires are capable of.  Tuned rebound characteristics and optimized durometer compounds are resulting in tires that allow our athletes and riders to push the sport further.




A supple, tubeless compatible, gram-conscious carcass designed to be compliant and conform to trail objects while still providing a happy balance of low rotational weight and rugged reliability.


Take our proven TCS Light Casing and… well… double it. Yep, TCS Tough tires are composed of two full layers of casing, bead-to-bead, leaving no area unprotected on our burliest tires. Developed through real world testing during the Enduro World Series, this casing is designed to take punishment and has been optimized for tubeless sealant usage, retention, and consistency.


The pavement-going brother of our TCS Light casing. This tubeless-ready casing features a single layer of supple casing covered in our soft, grippy Distance Plus compound rubber. Tubeless simplicity paired with unbelievable road-feel in all the sizes you want.


A supple, lightweight tube-type casing, paired with a folding aramid bead and fast rolling 60a rubber. This casing type is ideal for the rider using inner tubes but demanding high-end performance from their tires.


A robust and substantial casing provides the strength needed for our wire bead tires to last. A high ratio of rubber to thread protects against trail threats and urban unpleasantries. Found in all Comp level tires, this casing type is for use with inner tubes and cannot be set up tubeless.


Our proprietary 60a durometer rubber compound offers the ideal mix of rolling efficiency and traction for XC and trail riding applications. DNA rubber is renowned for being versatile and long lasting.


Dual DNA is the perfect mix of efficiency, traction and durability. The centerline tread features a firmer rubber compound that boasts faster rolling and increased durability, while the side knobs are composed of softer, slower-rebounding rubber that improves control and grip. This compound is used on our Fast Rolling tires.


Consisting of a 60a durometer rubber beneath the tread for support and durability, while the exposed tread is a sticky 45a compound for increased traction throughout the entirety of the tire's contact patch, creating uncanny traction with tuned rebound characteristics designed to take harsh hits yet not fumble for footing. This compound is used on our High Grip tires.


Found in WTB and Freedom’s pavement tires, this compound is specifically formulated to maximize the lifespan of tires. Sick of wearing out tires yet don’t care to ride on a pair of Crayons? Try our Distance Compound for a harmonious pairing of longevity and traction.


The Flat Guard level of WTB tires features an Urban Armor Casing, which provides additional rubber throughout the entire casing and sidewall to deliver additional puncture protection while also ensuring it holds up to cornering on asphalt and even the occasional curb rub. Additionally, Flat Guard tires utilize an additional layer of rubber beneath the whole width of the tread to provide even more thickness in the region where the tires are most likely to encounter sharp, intrusive objects.


Tubeless Compatible System: Standards-driven system designed around tubeless bead shapes and hooks to create repeated sealant-based consistency between tire and rim.

TCS Technology


WTB recommends that tire pressure be checked before each ride. Check the sidewall of your tire for the recommended pressure range on the product you are using, or contact WTB for inflation recommendations. Tire pressure outside of the recommended guidelines can result in a loss of control, tire damage or, at the very least, poor performance.