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Vulpine is the latest race-focused addition to WTB’s line of beloved gravel tires. Tightly spaced center knobs form a nearly uninterrupted centerline to decrease rolling resistance while the rest of the tread is packed with short knobs to further promote efficiency, minimize the chance of punctures, and deliver predictable cornering traction. Vulpine prioritizes all-out efficiency without sacrificing climbing or braking traction and is the perfect tire for gravel racers looking to lead the pack as well as daily riders in search of an efficient tire that excels on many surfaces including pavement, hardpack and gravel.
Usage: Gravel
Conditions: Pavement • Hardpack • Dirt • Gravel
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Efficient Knob Spacing
Tightly spaced center knobs form a nearly uninterrupted centerline that decreases rolling resistance while the rest of the tread is packed with short knobs to further promote efficiency and minimize punctures.
Fast Centerline
The smooth rolling surface of the Vulpine reduces rolling resistance and improves tread longevity, resulting in a longer lifespan than other gravel tires.
Round Profile
Overall knob profile mimics a high-volume road tire, which provides equal cornering confidence in a variety of different terrains and conditions.
Dual DNA Compound
The Vulpine tread features Dual DNA Compound, which combines the strategically placed characteristics of two different rubber compounds within the tread of a single tire. Supportive centerline rubber delivers optimal rolling efficiency and tread longevity while softer rubber throughout the outer edges of the tread increases cornering confidence across varied terrain and conditions.
Tubeless Compatible
TCS (Tubeless Compatible System) is WTB's standardized tubeless rim/tire system. TCS tubeless compatible tires eliminate the need for tubes, reduces weight, and accommodates lower tire pressures for improved traction and comfort compared to a traditional tube-type tire.
Available with SG2 puncture protection
SG2 is our unique puncture protection technology that provides bead-to-bead coverage to ensure both the tread and sidewall are protected from slashes and punctures. The nylon fibers within SG2 feature a uniquely flat profile, which reduces the amount of rubber needed to fill the gaps between fibers. Improving the fiber-to-rubber ratio increases puncture resistance, reduces weight and improves the overall liveliness of a tire. While SG2 is primarily a puncture protection layer, the tightly woven fibers also improve air retention to better maintain pressure between rides.
Black or tan sidewalls
It's nice to have options, which is why most of our gravel tires are available with either black or tan sidewalls. Traditional black sidewalls tend to blend in with the components and wheels of a bike and may look sleeker in the eyes of some riders. WTB tanwall tires blend retroesque looks with modern technology to create an iconic look that has become synonymous with high-performance gravel. Looks aside, gram counters may choose our tan tires because the compounds used to make them are slightly lighter than those used to manufacture black sidewalls.
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