From Marin to Inner Mongolia, WTB Spreads like Wildfire

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The 2012 Genghis Khan Mountain Bike Adventure was a three-day mountain-bike race with more than 200 participants from all over Asia, some traveling from as far away as Singapore. WTB was all too pleased to be a part of the adventure that's another example of how mountain biking is growing as a sport and spreading like wildfire across the globe.

China's rolling grasslands and untouched countryside made for an epic race course with no one to run into for miles, maybe days, unless you count the wandering yaks, cows, or wild horses. Who would have thought that teams of mountain bikers would be barreling across the same grasslands as those once traveled by Genghis Khan? Turns out, they would and did, and enjoyed every minute of it! The WTB-CHIRU team consisting of French Pro Triathlete, Eric Felbabel (3rd) and Pierre-Arnaud le Magnan (6th), finished in the top 10 and rolled out on Stryker 29" wheels and Nano 2.1 TCS tires, WTB Volt titanium saddles, and Moto grips.


Cheers to everyone who set out and finished this adventure. Stay tuned as WTB teams up with CHIRU for the mother of mountain bike adventures, the Mongolia Bike Challenge, later this month.

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