Ashland Mountain Challenge - 2nd Stop in the Oregon Enduro Series

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You know what they say about Oregon, "If you don't like the weather just wait 15 minutes." Well we waited 15 minutes... and the rain turned to snow.

Day one was chilly 44 degrees in the start gate of the Pro and Cat 1 field and an even chillier start for the Cat 2 & 3 racers battling the snow on the peak. The ground, already saturated from a previous day's rain, left water freely running down the trail that seemed happy being flung right into our unsuspecting mouths, leaving a nice tint on our glasses as well. Judging by the results, it seemed the rest of the WTB riders were in quite a rush to finish and get off the wind-chilled mountain.

Rain, rain, go away. Come again another day.

Day two couldn't have been a more beautiful day and it seemed nearly everyone forgot about the near Arctic conditions of the past. The day held the longest stage, number four, of the weekend with winning times approaching 27 minutes compared to the single digit race runs of stages 1,2 and 3. WTB-sponsored racer Kenny Burt showed us that in stage racing anything can happen after moving from 27th place all the way up to 8th. I think he wins the "Most Improved" award but I'm sure those Weirwolf TCS tires played a vital part in keeping him planted to the ground.

Team WTB riders Ben Cruz and Jason Moeschler finished 3rd and 5th respectively and WTB-sponsored riders Nathan Riddle placed 2nd, Kenny Burt 8th, and Mary Moncorge finished 2nd in the Pro Women's field.

Rain or shine you can't keep the bike nerds away.

It was the sticky kind of mud...perfect for the Moto TCS tire.      Photo: Alan Davis

Ben Cruz letting 'er fly over a water bar.

Pro Men's Podium
Nathan Riddle, 2nd - Wolverine 2.2 29" TCS & Weirwolf LT 2.5 TCS tires
Ben Cruz, 3rd - Weirwolf TCS, Silverado Saddle, Moto-X Clamp-on Grips
Jason Moeschler, 5th - Moto TCS Tires, Volt Saddle

Pro Women's Podium

Go ahead, try and steal Jeremiah's bike.                                         Photo: Alan Davis

Your move

Mary Moncorge News Photo Alan Davis Pro Women WTB

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