BEND ENDURO - 1st Stop in the Oregon Enduro Series

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The FIRST EVER enduro series to take place in the good 'ol US of A started off with a boom. Over 300 racers took part in the two-day, five-stage event in the rolling hills of Bend, OR. We had a great time reppin' the WTB tent with the TCS tire line on hand and a few saddles on the table for good measure. We also had Team WTB riders Jason Moeschler, Kenny Burt, and Ben Cruz out on the courses, making us wish we were racing and not working for the man... but I digress. Anyway, where was I? Oh, the courses... They were flowy and technical at times and with the foothill terrain, racing was bound to turn into a pedal fest.

Moeschler led Team WTB with a 6th place overall finish and Cruz finished 19th. WTB saddle riders Mary Moncorge and Brian Lopes finished on the pro podium in 1st and 3rd respectively and WTB's very own wheel builder, Jeremiah Newman, finished 7th in the Cat 1 19-29 group. Next stop: Race #2 in Ashland, OR, June 23 & 24.

Thanks to everyone involved in putting on such a great event and furthering the sport of enduro racing in the US. It was the best few days at work ever for this marketing guy! Here's some of the 'awesomeness' from our weekend in Bend...

Everyday I'm shuttling...

Ben and Jason scouting a line during Friday's practice.

The calm before the storm.


Nice mugs! Three levels of game face as demonstrated by Kenny Burt, Jason Moeschler and Brian Lopes...


Wait for it...

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Did anyone tell Jason he has a gravity dropper?

The rain started just in time for the podium.

Who knew we could squeeze almost 65 people under the WTB tent... maybe 70. Guessing jellybeans in the jar, not my best game...

Pro Women, nice and civilized on the podium with WTB-rider Mary Moncorge on top, continuing her enduro winning streak... Nice work Mary!

Pro Men - um...not so civilized...

Good times can be hard work and pimpin' ain't Buddy!

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