Hood River Enduro... and Ben Cruz

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Hot, damn hot, surprise downpour, cold, hot, dusty, little more rain, fog, dust, and moderate temps... Only "hot" was in the forecast. The rest must have followed us "WTB'ians" from the banks of the Bay Area.

Day one of racing started off with a surprise two-hour downpour right as we set up the tent. Oregon must have programmed its own trail irrigation weather because it turned blown moto trails into hero-dirt sweetness. The boys finished up the 4-stage day with some making up to do with Mark Weir and Jason Moeschler 8th and 10th respectively.

Day two brought another light sprinkle and rolling fog down the ridge-line trail. With vengeance in his eyes, Weir reeled his way into a 5th-place finish and Jason not far off in 9th... Well until the next day when a one-minute timing error came to light and Canadian riders Chris Johnson and Dylan Wolsky found their way into the top 10. What's that all aboot, EH?!

WTB/Ibis rider Kenny Burt finished top 20.

Best trails of the Oregon Enduro Series!... if you like rocky, steep, tight, and very fast trail, all in one package.

Anything can happen when equestrians and mountain bikers get together... but they usually don't swap steeds.

The men's podium disappearing act.

Look at that precision!

Race-Day Rigs:
Aaron Bradford, 2nd - Wolverine 2.2 AM TCS on the rear & a 2.3 Weirwolf AM TCS on the front, Silverado saddle, and Moto-X Clamp-On grips.

Mark Weir, 6th - Frequncy i23 TCS rims, Weirwolf 2.3 AM TCS tires, Valcon saddle, and Tech Trail Clamp-On grips.

Jason Moeschler, 11th - Stryker XC wheels, Moto 2.3 AM TCS tires, Volt saddle, and Tech Trail Clamp-On grips.      

Kenny Burt, 20th - Styrker XC wheels, Moto 2.3 AM TCS tires & Weierwolf 2.3 AM TCS tires, Silverado saddle, and Tech Trail Clamp-On grips.

WTB sponsored rider Mary Mocorge landed on the pro women's podium in 4th on a Silverado saddle.
Where was Ben Cruz? Hiding in a cupboard with a torn meniscus and a salty attitude.

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