Throwback Thursdays: Wilderness... It's Our First Name After All...

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Adventure isn't exactly something new to WTB.  Getting out, exploring, taking the path less traveled, finding your own way, thinking differently... that's what WTB is all about.  I found these photos while digging in my greater mess area and it was crazy.  I had just been there.  Well, near there - poking around in trucks on ridge lines wondering if there was bikepacking potential.  I could have sworn I even passed the same house:

Same once was semblance of a stoop, dilapidated siding, roof now with greater... ahh yes, ventilation.  There's even the same shack in the back, now just viewable from the front of the house.  Think I'm kidding?  Above is from the early 90's.  Below is from October.  October 2014:

The shot is from further to the right when facing the house, but you can still see the shack, now through it, all a little worse for wear but not bad.  Fine, it could be another identically built ramshackle.  Either way, it's all still there, waiting for you:

Ready for adventure:


So what are you doing sitting around for?  Go get some.  Same spirit from the beginning, same for today:


Grab a set of Nano 40s or a pair of Trailblazers once they're back in stock, think they'll get you there, wherever that may be.

Wilderness... it's in our name.  The same quest for adventure, from the beginning, now just as much as then.

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