WTB UK Enduro Team Shreds EWS Scotland

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Gary Forrest and Rob Williams, the dynamic duo comprising WTB's UK Enduro team, shredded stop #2 on the Enduro World Series tour this past weekend in Peebles, Scotland.  Gary and Rob ran Trail Boss tires, KOM rims, and Volt saddles on what Enrico Guala, the founder of Super Enduro and EMBA board member, referred to as "The hardest EWS race."

Gary and Rob leading up to EWS #2 ripping the UK countryside aboard their Lapierre Spicy bikes - rocking Vigilante tires in this shot.

Gary took 10th overall in the rugged race that boasted over 3,000 meters (9,842 feet) of climbing - yes, climbing, enduro racers have to pedal their way up to speed their way down, and 140 km (87 miles) of shreddin' (technical term.)  Being a Borders local made it all the more special for Mr. Forrest.

Rob took 51st, not bad, especially considering there were over 200 in the field, and Team WTB's own Ben Cruz took 26th, right behind everyone's favorite, Cedric Gracia.  Next stop is Valloire June 21-22nd in the Savoie region of the Alps in France.  Hopefully it's not quite as grueling - to put things into perspective, racers were given distinctive stickers for fork, frame, and wheels at the Santa Cruz Tweedlove World Enduro this past weekend to ensure riders were on the same equipment all weekend - yep, they were expecting bikes to crumple beneath racers, ouch.  Here's to the next one and more racing to come!

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