Season of Shred Dead Ahead: WTB UK Enduro Team

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The world of enduro has two more shredders to fear: Gary Forest and Robert Williams will be causing fellow racers to cower as they storm the UK Gravity Enduro Series and EWS aboard steeds clad in full WTB componentry.  Yes, you heard it correctly, WTB and Hotlines are pleased to announce that Gary Forest and Robert Williams will be sitting atop Lapierre Spicy Team bikes decked out with KOM rims, Vigilante tires, and Volt saddles.

Historic and futuristic in the same shot.  Spicys are so high tech they have carbon fiber derailleur protectors, very Formula One racing of them, and then in the UK they have things like walls - you know, from before I was born, making for historic backdrops.  In America, we only have shredding.  I'm ok with that too...

Both Gary and Robert have made a name for themselves turning heads in the UK Downhill circuit for years but made the switch to full time enduro racing at the start of 2013.  For 2014, it’s WTB time, and it couldn’t come at a better time.  The WTB UK Enduro Team will be sampling the full platter of goods – blindingly fast Trail Boss tires, sharply angular and shamelessly grippy Vigilantes, girthy 2.5” Breakouts, and the take-no-prisoners Warden mud spikes.  For now, Vigilantes and KOMs look pretty good for the dynamic duo.

Volt Team saddles – yes, yes, the very same shape that Jerome Clementz ceaselessly pilots to victory (correlation?  I think so) will top out the slacked-out 27.5” sleds.  Robert clued us in to how things are going, “I am hugely excited to be joining the WTB Enduro Team for 2014.  It’s a great opportunity to be able to compete using quality products and equipment.  Winter training is going well so far with lots of hours on and off road, and the British and Enduro World Series cannot come soon enough.”  Watch out, Robert’s comin’.

Chris Wright, Sponsored Athlete Support for Hotlines, elaborated further: “I cannot be anymore excited about this team!  Two amazing riders on board undoubtedly some of the finest machines on the circuit.  WTB has invested a huge amount in the development of their enduro-specific tire and rim range for 2014, and both Gary and Rob will be at the forefront of this technology.  They will also be involved in testing and developing new tires in the WTB range which will be released later in 2014.  Along with the first UK Enduro World Series venue on Gary [Forest's] home turf, the team is set to take the 2014 season by storm!”

Gary Gleason, WTB's Director of Sales, put it all into perspective, "In today's world of top-level racing, it's a global arena.  The same racer will compete in Chile, the US, Canada, Italy, France, Switzerland, the UK, Austria, you name it, just about any mountain range is fair game within the same season for the same racer.  It's mind numbing to think what a serious athlete puts his or her equipment through, which is why it's also empowering to know the tools each WTB athlete has at his or her disposal.  Every condition is covered through our tire portfolio and each tread has been proven through real world testing - to put it lightly, I'm excited for 2014."

Enjoy the following video of the WTB UK Enduro Team - Gary Forest and Robert Williams showing what it's all about: dirt, tires, trails, undulations, and riding with your friend:

WTB UK Enduro Team Introduction from HotlinesEurope on Vimeo.


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