2015 New Product Preview

Feeling tire hungry? How about tire gluttony? Step right up. Pick a niche and find your tread of taste. Heard you got a fever for the flavor, so pick one. For 2015 Mid-Season launch WTB is showcasing an assortment of new patterns and widths. Gravel? Check out the Nano 40c. High-volume tubeless cross? Look no further than the Cross Boss. Unadulterated trail dreams? The Trail Boss is your weapon for fantasy fulfillment. 

And remember, this is 2-0-1-5 product so no big ideas. Yes, it is coming. No, not tomorrow. Several tires will be here mid 2014, some of them... later. I said LATER already... Enjoy the new product, we're excited for it. Can you tell?



Sizes: 27.5" & 29"

Usage: Cross Country / Trail / All Mountain

Conditions: Dry to Damp / Hardpack to Loam

Tight enough tread spacing for high speed, drag-free onslaughts yet blocky and tall enough to really dig in when it comes time to slam on the brakes. A rounded profile and staggered, supported side knobs keep clamoring for traction even as the trail loses its camber. Want to go out and own it? Be the Trail Boss.

Early Reviews: PinkbikeMTBR, Art's Cyclery



Sizes: 27.5"

Usage: All Mountain / Enduro

Conditions: Dry to Wet / Hardpack to Loam

Big, All Mountain fun. The Breakout’s large and in charge casing rides far faster than its girth suggests. Fast rolling belts of center tread meet oversized side knob incisors for a harmonious pairing of speed and cornering. Want to end every ride with a smile undeniably plastered to your mug? Slap on a set of Breakouts, fun comes in size large.

Early Reviews: SingletracksMTBR, Art's Cyclery




Sizes: 29"

Usage: Cross Country / Cross Country Racing

Conditions: Dry to Damp / Hardpack to Sand

The Nine Line is the new-school approach to a top notch, 29-inch specific, lightweight race tire. Our global team of racers collaborated to make a tire with the ability to accelerate and roll like no other. Its micro-square knob tread design and supple casing provide impressive traction to keep you in control while you haul the mail.

Early Reviews: MTBR,


NANO 40c

Sizes: 700c

Usage: Gravel / Cycloross

Conditions: Dry to Damp / Hardpack to Sand

The Nano features an elevated centerline that rolls effortlessly on hard surfaces, numerous micro-knob working edges providing lateral traction and predictability, and a voluminous casing designed to go the distance. It is no wonder why the Nano is ultra endurance mega athlete Jay Petervary‘s favorite tire.

Early Reviews: Urban Velo, The Radavist, Singletrack, All Hail the Black Market



Sizes: 700c

Usage: Cyclocross

Volume, speed, and consistency. The Cross Boss’ even center tread shelf provides smooth and fast acceleration while more open side knobs help clear muck. A rounded, high volume profile designed ground-up for tubeless usage provides plenty of room to modulate tire pressure while dual compound, Dual DNA rubber and defined cornering channels keep riders grinning for more turns. From single track to the circuit, the Cross Boss is here to bring it.


Recommended Dosage: 2 fluid oz. / 60 mL for 26” and 3-4 fluid oz. for 29”

TCS Fluid employs nano-capsulation to form a liquid that hardens upon puncture, creating a permanent plug that remains flexible and rubber like. Unlike other sealants, TCS Fluid does not change tires’ rubber properties and comes with an applicator for removable core valves.



Sizes: Narrow x Short  (128mm x 255mm)

Usage: Road, Cross Country, Enduro, DH


Pivot Cycle's Chris Cocalis and suspension guru Dave Weagle came to us with an idea so splendid, we simply couldn't refuse. Make a saddle to accommodate longer travel bikes that would otherwise buzz saddles to smithereens. So we did, and it's light and svelte enough that it belongs on all bikes. Yup, gram counters wake up, a rear cut out shaves grams and vacuum-formed edges create beauty along with legendary WTB comfort - technology for all we say.