WTB Partners with XPDTN3 Explorers

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MILL VALLEY, CALIFORNIA – October 7, 2016 – WTB is proud to announce its partnership with the XPDTN3 club by providing them tires and saddles capable of withstanding the rigors faced throughout the explorers’ drop bar adventures in remote regions around the world.
The XPDTN3 club consists of a multi-talented group of explorers with various backgrounds ranging from an ex-pro road cyclist, a mountain bike race director, a small-town rambler from the Midwest of America, a professional outdoor photographer, a graphic designing triathlete, a seasoned mountaineer and a professional tandem pilot who provides the vision as half of a cycling Paralympic duo. Based on a simple concept, the goal of the XPDTN3 club is to show what can be achieved with nothing more than a long weekend, a gravel bike and a bit of gear.   
“We love bike expeditions. But like most of you, we don’t have the time for 5 weeks in Mongolia or 3 months in Peru. So we started the XPDTN3 club, packing as much bike adventure into 3 days as possible.” – The XPDTN3 Club
The majority of XPDTN3 explorers have chosen Nano 700x40c tires as their go-to tire for mixed terrain routes that included combinations of gravel grinds, dusty roads, remote doubletrack and raw singletrack. However, the team will also be using the WTB Ranger 2.0 tire for more aggressive routes that incorporate extended sections of trail traditionally considered to be mountain bike trails, which will provide a true test of what drop bar bikes are capable of.  Each of the XPDTN3 explorers have been provided custom WTB SL8 saddles to match the color scheme of the 3T Exploro, which is the world’s first aero bike, as well as the bike of choice for all XPDTN3 trips.
With a goal of exposing the endless possibilities of short, two-wheel adventures in every corner of the world, the XPDTN3 club has already compiled an extended list of trips on their website. These trips include the Westfjords of Iceland, the rolling hills of Tuscany, Italy and the Idaho Hot Springs Route in the United States. Each trip is followed by a detailed write-up, accompanied by numerous experiential photographs, which expresses the successes, failures, sights and emotions encountered throughout an extended weekend of exploration via bike. They focus on the raw experience of embarking on two-wheeled adventures where time isn’t necessarily in abundance and putting forth the effort to make it happen is always worth it.
WTB is proud to be partnering with such a driven group of individuals and looks forward to providing a dependable line of products for XPDTN3 adventures. Additionally, we look forward to members of our WTB team joining the XPDNT3 club on future trips.

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