WTB Launches TCS Rocket Tire Plug Kit & Plug Pack + NanoAir TPU Tubes and TCS Max-Flow Valves

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WTB Launches TCS Rocket Tire Plug Kit & Plug Pack + NanoAir TPU Tubes and TCS Max-Flow Valves 

Taipei, TaiwanMarch 6th, 2024 – In collaboration with Bib Creative, WTB is excited to launch its new TCS Rocket Tire Plug Kit, featuring reusable “Rocket” anchors. These anchors can be preloaded with tire plugs to ensure they're ready for immediate use upon detecting a puncture with your tubeless set-up.  With two sizes of Rocket anchors available, riders can use 1-4 plugs per repair, accommodating various puncture sizes. Unlike traditional tire plugs that may rip out under high pressure or during aggressive cornering, our reusable Rocket anchors securely hold the plug in place. This dependable solution keeps the puncture sealed until the tire is replaced, at which point the Rocket anchor can be removed and reused with fresh tire plugs. Additionally, the “extra-hand” feature built into the storage cap is there to keep the air in the tire while you prepare your anchor and plug repair.

Our innovative tubeless tire plug tool is CNC’d 6061 aluminum alloy, featuring an ergonomic design for comfortable use. It includes internal storage for four anchors (two large and two small, included) and fifteen 1.5mm diameter tire plugs, with press-fit storage caps for quick and easy access. The Rocket Launcher installation tip adjusts for different tire sizes and tread depths, accommodating road, gravel, and mountain bikes.


Ready to Launch

Before setting out, riders can preload Rockets with 1-4 tire plugs, depending on anticipated punctures. The Rocket Launcher facilitates easy insertion of plug-loaded anchors into the tire, its length adjustable for various needs and tread depths. The right number of plugs can be chosen based on local conditions, from cactus spines to sharp rocks. Once a puncture occurs, the rider quickly uses the tool to insert the selected number of plugs, achieving an instant, air-tight seal.


Extra Hand Provides Extra Time

The Extra Hand feature seals punctures temporarily, allowing riders to assess and address the damage without rush. It also serves as a reamer and aids in removing sticky anchors from the storage tubes, ensuring a smooth repair process.


Reusable Anchors for Repeatable Success

Our anchors ensure the tire plug system is not only dependable but also sustainable and cost-effective over time.


TCS Rocket Tire Plug Pack

We offer a refill kit with 15 replacement plugs and four anchors (two small, two large), compatible with most multi-tools for convenience. The small anchor holds up to two plugs and can be pushed into the tire using a 2mmhex. The large anchor holds up to four plugs and is compatible with either a 2mm or 3mm hex.  


Sustainably Packaged and Available Now

Both the complete TCS Rocket Tire Plug Kit and Plug Pack are packaged in 100% recyclable, sustainably sourced paper. The TCS Rocket Tire Plug Kit is priced at $44.95/€41.50, and the Plug Pack at $17.95/€16.75. They are available at or at local bike shops.

TCS Max-Flow Valve

The TCS Max-Flow Valve introduces a revolutionary design with an insert-compatible base and an increased bore diameter. It features a cap with an integrated valve core remover and an ergonomically designed nut that simplifies valve adjustment without requiring tools. The valve's unique castellated base ensures multi-directional airflow, effectively preventing the airflow restriction often caused by tire inserts against traditional valve openings.

Traditionally, WTB alloy valves featured an internal bore diameter of 2.8mm. However, the TCS Max-Flow Valve expands this to 3.8mm, providing an 84% increase in airflow over a standard valve and facilitating easier seating of tubeless tires while reducing the risk of clogging from sealant. This valve supports a universal removable Presta core and boasts compatibility with all rim widths and sizes, aligning with WTB's commitment to product cross-compatibility and serviceability.

The valve's contoured, easy-grip nut is designed with a knurled texture and squared profile, making it more user-friendly for tightening or removal without tools. An integrated rubber grommet on the valve nut ensures a secure seal and helps prevent damage to the rim.


NanoAir TPU Tubes

NanoAir TPU tubes set a new standard for lightweight, compact, and durable cycling innertubes.  WTB considers TPU the ideal material for spare tubes. Designed to integrate seamlessly into a rider's gear, the NanoAir TPU tubes are significantly lighter and more compact than conventional butyl tubes, compressing to a third of the size and weighing 60% less.

Available in three sizes, NanoAir TPU tubes cater to mountain, gravel, and road cyclists alike. Their superior durability and compatibility with a wide range of tire widths makes them a versatile choice. Each tube is uniquely colored to match WTB's iconic tanwall tires and comes with two glue less TPU patches for convenient puncture repair.

100% Recyclable Packaging. Available Now.

The TCS Max-Flow Valves and NanoAir TPU tubes feature packaging that is not only recyclable but also made from recycled materials. The NanoAir TPU tubes are priced starting at $32.95/€22.95, and the TCS Max-Flow Valves are available in pairs for $24.95/€28.75. These products are available for purchase at or through local bike shops.

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