The Winter Dream Team - Viglante and Judge Combo

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Winter riding can be a little awkward. Some days it's snowy and wet other days it's dry and sunny if you're like me you're trying to ride as many days as possible. So changing tires every day for the perfect condition is a hassle and a waste of time in my busy schedule. Luckily for me and many others, the Vigilante - Judge combo has saved us countless minutes debating what tires to run.
Mud, rain, dry, or almost any condition this tire combination has quickly become my and many other's new favorite tire combo.

This particular day Ryan Gardner, Cory Sullivan, and I had plans to do an epic ride in the Sierra Nevada's. However, mother nature had other plans for us, when we woke up, the skies have opened up and laid a fresh blanket of snow on our mountain terrain. Eager to get a ride in the three of us decided not to let the weather affect our good times. Luckily all of us came equipped with our new favorite Vigilante - Judge Combo, and we confidently headed out on our adventure.

As we pedaled up one of our favorite trails in the Sierras, we realized that snow wasn't the only trail conditions we would see. The path alternated between ice, mud, and deep snow. As we dropped into the downhill portion of the trail, we were pleasantly surprised at the grip of our tires. Snow can be unpredictable, but we all felt confident as we ripped down the mountainside of these rocky mountains. As we traveled down in altitude, the trail gave away from ice and snow to tacky hero dirt, which eventually turned into the typical dry Sierra dirt. I was happy to be running such a versatile tire set up that made me feel unfazed no matter what terrain we rode.

There are other options besides the Vigilante - Judge combo for winter riding. Many of these options consist of huge knobs or studs, which makes riding mixed terrain difficult. For me, the Vigilante-Judge combo is a beefy enough tire that gives me control on all-terrain, no matter what the weather brings at me.



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