Athlete Highlight - Nikki Whiles Q&A

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Nikki has been part of the WTB family for just over a year now, and what a great year it's been. Whether it's on drop bars, his jump bike, or a mountain bike he's always out riding and getting creative while capturing moments for his Instagram feed. We wanted to know a little more about the man behind the bike, so we asked him a few questions...

Introduce yourself! Name, where you live, what you do, and who you work with. What’s your MSN Messenger name?

Nikki Whiles. Beddau South Wales. Build trails and ride bikes. Marin Bikes, FSA, WTB, GIRO, 661, FOX Suspension uk, Juice Lubes. Slik Nik

You’ve been at this game for a while now, but tell us where it all started for you? Do you remember a point where your biking become a ‘sport or hobby’, rather than a mode of transport? Is there anyone that you feel really influenced or helped you when you were a youngster?

Not a particular point I can remember just always loved getting out on my bike. Started doing a bit of racing when I was still in secondary school and didn’t look back. My parents were always very supportive, used to take me to the races and buy my bikes. I guess they helped me the most when I was young. My friends were also great and always inspired me to do new things. We all used to friendly compete against each other. That’s how you progress.

How about your proudest moments in cycling? You’ve represented team GB right? How as that experience?

Wining a national dh race in junior category, wining several Welsh champs titles were all my proudest moments. Represented GB on a European level. It was tough. First time racing overseas. It was hot, track was long and rough. Definitely out of my depth.

Anyone who follows your social media feeds will know, you don’t just ride mountain bike trails do you? You create them too right? That’s pretty impressive… Tell us about some of those projects? Do you ever build something you gets you tingling with excitement to test it out?

Yes design, build, bmx and mtb trails. We’ve made trails all over the UK and world. I’ve been in the game for over 10 years and have my own company. I get excited on every job. Its always good times when your building bike trails.

You’ve been with us for over a year now… What 3 WTB products can you no longer live without!?

I love the 2.5 Vigilante, Silverado saddle and the Wafel grip.

Alongside mountain bikes we’ve noticed you’ve taken a shine to gravel! How did that come about? Is a little different to your usual pass time of carving turns and boosting jumps… What is it about gravel biking that keeps you interested and coming back for more?

Marin are pretty keen for me to ride more gravel. I’m happy as long as im riding my bike. I enjoy the adventure and journey of it. The feeling of getting somewhere and going the distance. It’s even better not being limited to roads, plus it’s a new challenge.

5 things you love to do when not riding one of your Marins. Go…..

Riding my Triumph motorbike. Walking my dog. Riding my Yamaha motorbike. Digging trails. Take pictures.


Let’s look at 2020. Have you started planning your year? Got any new events lined up? What can we look forward to seeing from you throughout next season?

Different year same me to be honest. Pretty happy with my life so I’m going to keep building trails and riding my bikes. More wheelies 😊

Images by Nikki Whiles and Same Old Smith

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