Moose Steaks and Fat Bikes in Alaska

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Words: Brian Ohlen ( @spoke_n_fly )

Photos: Brian Ohlen

I’ve been on enough winter camping trips to know how much preparation, gear and thought must happen to make cold weather trips possible. It’s pretty rewarding to be out in hostile weather and feel prepared and comfortable in it. On the other hand, it’s pretty rad to do more of a cruise that includes a few more creature comforts. Enter the ‘spring’ fat-bike-to-cabin trip. There are a surprising amount of public use cabins scattered throughout Alaska. They rent out well in advance during the summer, but you can often get one last minute in the winter. A few are even accessible by fat bike. Who can argue with 11 miles of the smoothest snow trail imaginable, moose steaks, barley pops and snow-covered mountains?

Just the essentials loaded up: gas, down, whiskey, pistol target, toilet paper, etc

Having just finished 2 months bikepacking in the middle east, Nick was in good pedaling shape and the designated mule. How much do 12 beers weigh?

Suns out guns out. 

Destination reached, time for fires, snacks and beer.

Moose steaks and sweet potatoes for the win.

Morning frost makes for cold Volt saddles.

Finally above tree line, the views improve. 

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