Throwback Thursdays: Time to Send It

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Ahhh yes... back in the day.  A day many seem to have forgotten about, or at least maybe forced themselves to forget about.  Maybe 12 years ago, perhaps more, possibly fewer, there was the bicycle weight game going on.  Just like today, people would boast smugly about their bike's overall weight, only something was quite curious about the bragging from days of yore in comparison to today's boasts of Strava-infused minimalists.  Once upon a time, people bragged about how much their bike weighed - as in truly, how much - the more the better.  If your bike didn't weigh enough, then how were you going to send it?  How could you stick that uphill landing from a loading dock lip of misunderstanding?  Better yet, remember the wheelie drop?  Testing the chain-slipping abilities of one's drivetrain in the highest stakes possible scenario of water logged cedar slats haphazardly nailed to fallen timbers loosely laid across a fallen tree bordering some sort of precipice over a gorge - sound about right?  Well, once upon a time, not so long ago. the bald headed guy centered above led the charge of tank bikes here at WTB.  On the front of his beast was a WTB Moto 2.4 tire with an overly robust downhill casing - for sending it, duh.  This week's Throwback Thursday pays homage to the send it days and during that time, it must have apparently been ok to have hanging facial hair as our master of all things enduro (Weir) demonstrates below on a Karpiel Discovolante trimmed down to a svelte forty something pounds with a weeny racer fork upfront unlike the battering ram Mr. Dirt fork pictured above.  Take a look, it wasn't so long ago that bigger was better, all things considered.

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