Jerome Wins Ischgl OverMountain Challenge, Weir Takes 4th

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While forklifts were whizzing about, pallets being borrowed from behind Safeway, unprotected sandal-wearing toes being stubbed, people's feelings getting hurt, a lot of heavy lifting, harrumphing, and sweating occurring, Jason Moeschler and Mark Weir were being subjected to a snow laden wonderland referred to as the Ischgl OverMountain Challenge in Austria.  Yes, that previous sentence was mostly referring to standard pre Interbike procedure around here at 475 Miller Avenue, WTB's Mill Valley headquarters.

"Up there, it is not very nice out," is all I can imagine the Tough Guy, Mr. Mark Weir had to say about the conditions.

Yet despite a snow blanketed course, Team WTB did an excellent job.  Jerome Clementz, the unstoppable man of enduro for 2013, sealed the victory and Mark Weir took 4th place sporting a Warden 2.3 Team Issue TCS front tire and a Moto 2.3 AM TCS rear tire.  The course started in a true snowfield then resorted to deep muck with rocks punctuating the sloppy berms - great territory for our new Warden mud tire.  Jason Moeschler couldn't get over the shameless supply of grip the Warden provides.

Meaty is an understatement when describing the Warden.  Look at them there teeth, they sure do like to dig!

At a certain point, you have to wonder if winning looses some of its zeal it originally carried.  Name me a race Jerome Clementz didn't win this year and you won't get anything for free but you'll have my respect.  The Ischgl OverMountain Challenge at least carried with it a more unique prize than must be standard issue in Jerome's trophy room.

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Right upon finishing, Weir and Moeschler boarded a flight and flew straight to Las Vegas for Interbike.  Both sick, they trudged their way through outdoor demo and the indoor show with smiles, busy schedules, and a hopping booth - hats off to both these WTB athletes and employees.  Jason Moeschler then went straight to Moab for the finale of the Big Mountain Enduro Series.

Jason is getting over his sickness and trying to avoid what looks like it could be Bronchitis, so he may be sitting out the Enchilada Enduro while he waits for antibiotics to kick in.  This upcoming week marks Trans-Provence so rest is needed for a grueling week - stay posted for updates next week.

A tough tire for tough terrain, there's no place like Moab, UT.
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