Re-Introducing the Moto Tire Line

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We're bringing back a WTB favorite and for good reason.












In 2009 WTB's Moto tire was shelved due to production complications at the factory. Not content to let it sit there collecting dust, we set resident Mountain Bike Hall of Fame designer Mark Slate to work, re-designing the Moto to give it a fresh look and feel. Now after three years, the Moto is back and ready to ride again.

Photo: Milliman

The Moto was the first tire to win the Downieville All-Mountain race in 2005, under employee-rider Jason Moeschler. Seven years later,the Moto is still Jason's go-to tire for almost every ride. Here he is above putting the new Moto prototypes through their paces at “The Ranch” last April, just like the good ‘ol days.

Welcome home old friend.

The new Moto is available in 26” 2.126” 2.3, and 29” 1.9 at your local bike shop.

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