WTB Represents at the North American Handmade Bicycle Show

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Great times were had by all at the 8th annual North American Handmade Bicycle Show. The three-day event held in Sacramento, CA contained 171 exhibitors and a record breaking 8,100 attendees. Requirements for companies to show their frames is that they must be handmade in the good 'ol USA. WTB, founded in Marin County, CA, maintains close relations with many domestic frame builders and is the last independently owned, American bicycle component supplier in the U.S. We were thrilled to see the WTB booth and expo always packed with passionate cyclists and a line of anxious spectators strung out the door. WTB set up a booth in the middle of the action and never had a dull moment spreading the gospel of Tubeless Compatible System (TCS).

(Ok, there was a dull moment before the show opened)

Walking around NAHBS takes you into a world where dreams come true; you name it and it was there: Wooden rims, alloy rims, big wheels, little wheels, titanium frames, steel frames, carbon frames, bamboo frames, wood frames, road bikes, mountain bikes, commuter bikes, tandem bikes, belt drives, internally geared hubs, and custom paint jobs. No other show even comes close to offering this much diversity in one weekend (Thanks for the great event NAHBS). Add it to your bucket list. Check out some of WTB's top picks.

Soulcraft bicycles won the ribbon for most WTB product featuring Stryker TCS wheels, Bronson 29'' 2.2 TCS tires, a Silverado saddle, and Moto-X clamp-on grips.
















A WTB employee favorite, the alcho-hauler. The frame builder, John Boisclair, from My Dutch Bike, loaded it up with two empty kegs and all the gear for the weekend then rode 80 miles from Oakland to the show in Sacramento.











So not TCS! However, there is always a special place in our hearts for wooden rims.

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