Race Report: LaGrange Fall Classic

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Overturned Cessna

A skeleton crew from Team WTB contested the “NorCal State Championship” this past weekend in Weaverville, California. In case you’re wondering, this fine state also has a “SoCal State Championship”, and depending on who you ask, a “California State Championship”.

The prestigious Northern California DH, XC, Super D and short track XC race took place in a historic Gold Rush town—home to about 3,500 people—that sits at the foot of the Trinity Alps Wilderness. This is real Pacific Northwest wilderness with plenty of mountain lions, black bears, raccoons and, of course, sasquatch. There have been enough eyewitness accounts that the existence of sasquatch is pretty much common knowledge in this part of the world. Vic Armijo, race organizer and founder of Team Bigfoot, is obviously proud of the local fauna. We didn’t have time to chat about any of his personal encounters with sasquatch, but I suspect there’s a great story behind the name Team Bigfoot.

Unfortunately I didn’t catch any photographs of big, hairy bipeds. I didn’t get any action photos of the race either. Or race results, for that matter. But I did manage to get a great photo of an overturned Cessna. That’s the Trinity Alps Wilderness in the background. The downhill course started at the top of that ridge at 5,600 feet and descended to 2,800 feet in about 3 miles. It featured some crazy high speed doubletrack with tall waterbars and deep ruts. The winning times were almost seven minutes.

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Caption: The only actual sasquatch sighting. A friendly, fuzzy face. Plenty of mud here in NorCal.



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