Downhill, Free Coffee and a Bronco II

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Nothing but excitement here at WTB on Thursday. The day started with a shuttle run at dawn. A crew came out from the East Bay for the ride—including Forrest Arakawa, Ryan Condrashoff and Amado Stachenfeld. We were more fired-up than usual because of the visiting out-of-towners and perfectly tacky soil (thanks to some recent rains). Our group of eight was freight-training down a notoriously steep, loose, rocky and overgrown singletrack. We were laughing, hooting and hollering as the wet rocks and roots contributed to a few multi-person pile-ups. It was all fun and games until one of the crew clipped a rock with his brake caliper so hard that it busted the brake tab right off his fork!

We continued laughing and carrying-on—all of us except for the poor sap stuck riding front-brakeless—all the way back into Mill Valley. We don’t get guys like Forrest around Mill Valley too often. He’s big, he’s loud, he’s disruptive, he sprawled himself out across a busy sidewalk and cried out for help when he got a rear flat. The employees of Whole Foods Market (who were giving out free coffee for Customer Appreciation Day) were awe-struck, the staff here at WTB all abandoned their cubicles and gathered ‘round Uncle Forrest.

Shortly after Forrest left we were once again torn from our telephones and computer screens when an old lady lost control of an orange Bronco II and slammed into the building next store. Apparently the woman was pulling away from the curb and merging into traffic—in reverse! She managed to hop the curb, take out a 3-foot brick wall and a water main. It was quite a sight: the startled old lady, a flowing geyser of water, smoke, police, ambulances, fire trucks and half the town out in the street fired-up on free coffee.

Bronco II Terror
A few more noteworthy facts: Justin, WTB’s graphic designer, saw a foreign Consulate vehicle on the scene moments before the bucking Bronco II backed into the Art Store. He believes the two vehicles are related and suspects a conspiracy. Also, the crayons used in the Bronco II Terror illustration were purchased from the Art Store shortly after the dramatic crash. In an unrelated incident, a Mazda Miata hit me on my ride home from work. The chubby-faced gentleman driving the Miata made a right turn just after passing me. I was uninjured and stayed upright (I just made the turn with him). The driver was visibly shaken and probably hopped-up on free coffee.

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Chris Schierholtz was the first on the scene with a camera, he found WTB’s President Patrick Seidler already there helping out. More Bronco II terror. Amado’s fantastic Chevy Savannah, the ultimate shuttle vehicle. More Bronco II facts: here


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