Throwback Thursdays: 96 Mountain Bike Germany New Paradigm Hubs Review

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1996 in Germany must have been amazing, I find nothing but stoke gracing the covers of magazine clippings we have dating back to then.  Perhaps the long sleeve adorned rider was particularly enthused because mountain biking was to become an official olympic sport in 1996 in Atlanta - remember?  Paola Pezzo won it for the women, Bart Brentjens (not to be confused with Bart Taylor) won it for the dudes.  However, he (airborne man) is most likely invigorated because this issue featured New Paradigm hubs, which would put a smile on the face of any yellow turtle neck wearer.

Google tells me the German bold caption beneath the hubs says "in from outside greasable hubs allowing excising of dirty lube through use of the grease gun every ride."  Great, I'll take 'em.

They were an international success because they internationally ruled.  The idea made sense regardless of what country or severe weather they were subjected to - grease was purged, kind of like a modern day cleanse - that is what cleanses are right?  A lot of time ridding oneself of supposed unpleasantries?  Anyway, Grease Guard® ruled, Germany knew it too.  

Then again, the air aficionado on the cover could always be stoked because he's skying above wording that among other things lists, "GT Thermoplast," un hunh, again.


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