Throwback Thursdays: '96 Mountain Bike Germany Pad Review

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Elevated chainstays, a nice an taut elasticized cinch strap flowing in the breeze of what looks to be an epic skid... Vans sneakers - what's not to like?  In 1996, people were getting pitted, sooo pitted, too, even in Germany.  Yep, this is Mountain Bike the German one.


Simple.  I'm being encouraged to reach the German market.

So, listed below you can read a review of the WTB Gripmaster Dual Compound brake pads.  You can read it, if you speak German.

I'm pretty sure what it says is:




Because, I'm probably wrong, but I've been told by a semi-reliable source that Rad, in German, means Bike.  So apparently Rad People Who Ride means Bike People Who Ride - seems a little more redundant and with less pop in German.

Regardless of what Rad means in German, it's also safe to say that the review must have glowed because the pad holders were beautifully made and the pads themselves... made sense.  Of course you need multiple compounds.

So, my late 2014 prediction for 2015 - seems to be what everybody does this time of year... dual compound disc brake pads.  If they already exist, no worries, just give me a piece of the pie.  If they don't yet exist, back off, my pie, you can pay WTB for the early 90's idea.  Gripmaster pads first came out in 1990 - I actually have a copy of the press release where the Trail Boss was the contact for media, and then shortly after, WTB added multiple pad options: dual compound, abrasive, along with the conventional ones.

Another good idea from the past for the future?  Perhaps.  Or just more rambling.  Either way, Happy Holidays from WTB.


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