Throwback Thursdays: 2003 Interwolf 38/38

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Many people clung to remaining InterWolfs with a sense of worth akin to cigarettes within prison - one's wealth could be measured in hoarded InterWolfs.  They were a tire before their time.  Fast rolling, bigger than most cross-like tires out there, available in a lightweight folding Race option if you hunted for it, volume with a rounded profile and nice rubber that was sticky enough without slowing you down.  Its discontinuation sunk the battleships of many.  A forlorn wail must have echoed when the 2010 Catalog hit print, devoid of InterWolf.

The description from the 2003 Catalog, when the InterWolf was first released and was only available in a Comp, wire bead version.  It later was available in a lighter, folding Race version.

We can all dry our eyes now, there is a more than worthy replacement.  The Nano 40 is, dare I say, just as good - how dare I?  Even Stevil HERE came to the same seemingly self-conflicted conclusion I just uttered - it's... yep, better.  More volume, somehow feels faster, foolish lateral grip - the Nano pattern really does rule and the Nano 40 feels light when you ride it.  A 40mm casing is a beautiful thing.  

Here's a shot of a new old Interwolf 38 (yes, yes, WTB will sell this one for $4.2 billion) draped over a Nano 40.  You can see similarities in the fast rolling centers of the two but you can tell that the centerline on the Nano 40 looks even quicker.  It is.  The Nano 40 is also a little bit bigger - that little bit somehow makes more difference than its little should when it comes time to fine tune pressure and assess what you can get away with while riding.  They're both great tires.  If you loved the InterWolf and think of that tire as the one and only tire, you might want to give the Nano 40 a shot - you might like what you try, perhaps embarrassingly a little more than you might care to admit.

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