Ahhhh yes, Trail Boss front tire, excellent choice.

So, here's the e-mail all WTB staff received yesterday, pretty crazy:

From: Jason Moeschler <jmoeschler@wtb.com>
Date: Thursday, June 19, 2014 at 12:26 PM
To: "staff@wtb.com" <staff@wtb.com>
Subject: Jason in and out today
I had an accident during my race on Saturday, and came away with a compression fracture in my T7 Vertebra.  Besides a lot of back pain, I am ok.  I was actually  able to get up, chase down the leaders, and win the race.  Following the race, I took lots of Advil to mask the pain, woke up on Sunday, and raced the Nevada City Classic Crit.  Finished the Crit, burned off the Advil, and then realized that I had something major wrong in my back.  Got X-Rays Monday afternoon, and confirmation of the fracture Monday evening.
Anyways, I am still functional, can still work, and will maintain my work travel commitments as I heal.  The pain is the same, no matter what I do, so I choose to stay busy.
All that being said, I will be in and out today for doctor visits.
Jason Moeschler
Wilderness Trail Bikes
OEM Sales
(Mobil) 530-518-3868
TWN Mobil (0) 972722138
skype: jasonmoeschlerwtb
There really is no stopping this guy.  Here's to a speedy recovery, to a speedy guy, and ridiculously hard worker.  Feel better Jason.

No Stopping This Guy

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