Throwback Thursdays: WTB Designed Specialized Rock Combo Tire

19 June, 2014

The WTB designed Specialized Rock Combo 26 x 1.95 tires were intended for use on and off road.  Sound familiar?  Correct, this idea and burgeoning category seems to be getting a lot of time in the lime light these days within the bike industry, though predominantly in 700c girthy sizing, with spillage into the 650b realm.  The Rock Combos, in a 26 x 1.95, were an easy swap over to an existing mountain bike for a little extra speed and drag free cruising over the long haul - always be cruisen'.  Those who rode them loved them and look fondly back to them - meaty yet fast somehow, though they never caught on like the Crossroads II, which were incredibly popular in 700c sizing.  So next time something new comes along, take a look back WTB's way, chances are there's already been products designed for that usage, which is what happens when you're a company that's cared about many types of riding for quite some time.  So bring on the long rides and like Ricky Cha, make sure you "always be cruisen'.'"

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