While we pansies (well, I'm speaking for myself here) may be whimpering over the onset of winter in the northern hemisphere, things are still going full boar in the southern hemisphere.  I just checked the weather for Sydney, Australia and though it's only 75 degrees right now, it'll get to an envious 86 degrees within the next couple days.  Worry not, Australia is not ready to burst into a giant fireball, those temperatures are Fahrenheit (maybe my word of the day with the most annoying spelling) temperatures, not the native Celsius variety.  Even for Californians, who aren't allowed to complain about weather since we apparently don't have seasons, those are mighty fine temperatures I'd love to be blessed with right now.

 Remember the guy who just up and owned the 24 Hour Solo World Champs, somehow racking up 253 miles in 24 hours on a singlespeed?  Well... he's back.  Brett Bellchambers once again killed it, this time shaming geared participants with a cool 194 miles, racking up 38 laps on the 8.5km course.  So how does he do it, how does someone pedal 38 laps around a course?  Sounds like you put yourself in the pain cave:

"I'm hurting now, but I really enjoyed it out there," stated Bellchambers in Rocky Trail Entertainment's press release.  In typical Brett Bellchambers modestly-cleverly-humorous fashion, Brett admitted that a 24-hour solo race on the tough Mt Annan course on his single speed bike was probably a "silly idea."  Rightfully tired, Brett has time to relax and rest up, no racing until February.  February's when it all starts over again for Canberra's distance champ: "I love this track and Rocky Trail puts on such fun events, this just had to be my final race for the season."

Stay tuned for more on Mr. Bellchambers... he's quite a talented man with a lifetime full of riding experiences.  

And here's how the race started:

 And here's how it ended:

Second and third look a little less-than-happy because... well... they're envious of Brett's wingspan.  Nope, those two aren't remarkably short, Brett's just a tall man at a towering 6'5".  Also, please don't fret, Brett is wearing a WTB shirt, it's just the W and T had to make way for the beard and no, the race wasn't hard enough to put grey in his beard, those are just the letters lurking beneath.

Brett stormed his way to victory atop WTB Nine Line 2.0 TCS 29" Tires, a WTB Volt Team Saddle, and Frequency i19 Team TCS 29" Rims.

Brett Bellchambers Owns Yet Another 24 Hour Race, Beardless Beware!

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Brett Bellchambers Owns Yet Another 24 Hour Race, Beardless Beware!

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