Endurance Athlete Rebecca Rusch Riding WTB Saddles

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MILL VALLEY, CALIFORNIA – January 17, 2017 – With an immense amount of excitement, WTB would like to announce endurance athlete Rebecca Rusch will be riding WTB saddles in 2017. Rebecca has created a recognizable name for herself by successfully approaching mountain biking from numerous angles, both on and off the bike. Whether it be stacking up seven world championships across various disciplines, authoring an autobiographical book, organizing the “Rebecca’s Private Idaho” gravel event, public speaking or setting records along the way, Rebecca has created a trail of accomplishments that only seems to grow with time. 

“WTB sent me a few saddles to try out and after just a quick spin around the block I instantly knew that my new saddle would be one made by WTB,” stated Rebecca. “Just a couple minutes was all I needed to provide the confidence to put the WTB Deva through the ultimate test on a 400+ mile ride from Charlotte, NC to Nashville, TN. It was a risk I was willing to take because I’d been searching for the right saddle for way too long. I knew I would be in good hands, considering my husband (also a 24-hour solo World Champ) has ridden WTB saddles for over 15 years. The Deva provided me love at first sit. Sometimes you just know when something is right. My butt and I are very excited about the new partnership with WTB!”

She may be regarded as the Queen of Pain by many, but we at WTB are pleased to know that regardless of how hard she pushes it, she’ll be comfortable at the most important contact point between body and bike. We’re honored any time an athlete picks WTB as their saddle of choice, but it means something even more when a professional endurance athlete at Rebecca’s level finds confidence and satisfaction in a WTB saddle.

Need more? Check out Rebecca’s website at to keep up to date on all the races and events she is either organizing or competing in for both mountain biking and gravel.


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