Zack Allison

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Name: Zack Allison

Location: Fort Collins, ColoRADo

Discipline: Gravel 

Rider Type: Racer & Ambassador

Favorite WTB Product: Tires - Nano, Vulpine, Resolute, Byway, not in any order. AND SEALANT

About Me: Hello, I'm Zack and I like to go fast. Drop bar technical riding is a really weird thing to be good at but at least I've got something. I've been racing road and gravel professionally off and on for nearly 10 years. We're out here now, with Bike Sports, training and racing and enjoying all the new stuff coming out that makes mixed terrain riding more fast and fun!

Social Media: Instagram 

Riding WTB Since: Random tires and parts off and on for 12 years but just started a relationship for 2022.

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