Mike Giese

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Name: Mike Giese

Location: Salt Lake City

Discipline: Freeride 

Rider Type: Ambassador

Favorite WTB Product: Vigilante 2.5 and SL8 saddle

About Me: After growing up racing motocross and making it to the pro ranks by the age of 16, A laundry list of injuries burnt me out on the sport. In 2013, I made the switch to mountain bikes and instantly fell in love. The freedom and self expression while riding a mountain bike is second to none. Fast forward 9 years, I am enjoying mountain bikes more than ever and don't see that changing any time soon! Along side riding, I am an Industrial Designer at Evil Bikes. There is no bigger pleasure than seeing your work come to life, then being able to show a leg over it and go for a ride. Let the good times roll!

Social Media: Instagram 

Riding WTB Since: 2022

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