Light Pawl-Spring Kit

Light Pawl-Spring Kit

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Light Pawl-Spring Kit for Frequency hubs, which were previously referred to as Proterra hubs.

CZR i30 wheels, as well as Proterra Light i27 and Proterra Tough i30 wheels with 110/148mm spacing, feature heavy-duty pawl springs that engage with greater force to counteract the additional torque of intermittent and steep mountain riding. Both spring options are compatible across all Frequency hubs and a Light Pawl-Spring Kit

We offer this aftermarket Light Pawl-Spring Kit for riders who prefer a quieter hub with lighter pawl engagement.

WTB only recommends using the lighter pawl springs in their WTB hubs for mountain biking if the rider weighs under 200lbs. WTB suggests using the heavy-duty springs for riders over 200lbs, as well as any rider using Frequency hubs on their e-bike.

Frequency hubs laced to CZR i23 wheels, as well as Proterra Light wheels with 100/142mm spacing, are already assembled with these lightweight pawl springs to minimize drag and therefore improve efficiency for drop bar usage.