High Tail

Pivot’s Chris Cocalis and suspension guru Dave Weagle came to us with an idea so splendid, we simply couldn’t refuse. Make a saddle to accommodate longer travel bikes that would otherwise buzz saddles to smithereens. So we did, and it’s light and svelte enough that it belongs on all bikes. Yup, gram counters wake up, a rear cut out shaves grams and vacuum-formed edges create beauty along with legendary WTB comfort-technology for all we say.

USAGE: Road, Cross Country, Enduro, Gravity

SIZING:Narrow- Short (128mm x 255mm)

REVIEWS: 2015 Enduro Mountainbike Magazine Innovation Award Blister Gear Review

WTB Saddle Technology


 Level Rail Color Weight Details


(7mm x 9mm)

Black/Gold 159g Microfiber Cover / Carbon Shell / DNA Padding
Team Titanium Black/Black 200g Microfiber Cover / Flex-Tuned Shell / DNA Padding
Pro Cromoly Black/White 225g Microfiber Cover / Flex-Tuned Shell / DNA Padding

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