Updated treads and sg2 Protection

Your favorite tires just got better
We've updated our Vigilante 2.5 and Verdict 2.5 enduro treads while also expanding SG2 puncture protection to its entire line of mountain tires.
SG2 is a lightweight nylon layer that protects all areas of the tire with an additional level of defense against punctures and pinch flats. Bead-to-bead SG2 also improves sidewall stability and overall tire support without the additional weight of a Tough (dual-ply) casing. SG2 has replaced Slash Guard puncture protection on all WTB mountain tires. Extensive ride and lab testing showed improved puncture protection, 10-20% weight reduction, and improved overall suppleness compared to previous TCS Light tires with Slash Guard.
Less Rubber Means Less Weight
Flat nylon fibers within SG2 reduce the amount of rubber needed to fill the gaps between fibers compared to traditional protection layers with round fibers. The increased fiber-to-rubber ratio boosts puncture resistance while the reduced rubber content minimizes weight and improves suppleness compared to our Tough casings. Third-party lab testing showed bead-to-bead SG2 provides 80% more sidewall protection than traditional single-ply tires without SG2. Tightly woven nylon fibers also improve air retention, which prevents air from seeping through the sidewall and helps maintain pressure between rides.
Updated Vigilante and Verdict
WTB has updated the Vigilante 2.5 and Verdict 2.5 treads to improve upon the cornering support and predictability of our favorite tire combos. Vigilante and Verdict are WTB’s most aggressive enduro tires designed to excel in loose conditions ranging from mid-summer dust to late-winter mud.
Improved siping and knob support
Improved knob shapes prevent knob flex by reinforcing the specific areas that counteract cornering and braking forces. Larger side knob bases increase cornering support and confidence in a wide variety of conditions. Updated siping eliminates knob squirm while also increasing traction on wet or rocky terrain.

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