Ride From Home Challenge

WTB is partnering with PeopleforBikes’ Ride Spot to bring you the “Ride from Home Challenge”. It's our way of continuing to support you and your riding goals. We encourage you to open your front door and go ride your bike!  

WTB is giving away 20 care packages (one set of tires + a mud guard) to 20 individuals who track a ride using the Ride Spot app and share a pic and link from their Ride Story to Instagram using the hashtags #ridefromhome and #ridewtb. 


How to participate: 

  1. Download the Ride Spot app and track a ride between June 15-July 15th, 2020. 
  2. Make the ride less than 20mi, starting and finishing near home (not exactly at your house) and ride by yourself! 
  3. Add a fun element to your ride! Try making coffee outside, climbing a tree, building a fort or riding to your favorite swimming hole.
  4. Save your route on the Ride Spot app along with a short story and a couple pictures. 
  5. Share the link to your Ride Story on social media using the hashtag #ridefromhome and tag @wildernesstrailbikes @ride_spot.

(Tip: To share on Instagram, put the url in your profile and share a picture)



On a mobile device, tap here to download the iOS app or tap here to download the Android app. To register on a computer, click here.



PeopleforBikes has spent more than $30 million in support of their mission — making bicycling better for everyone. They’ve invested $2.1 million in community bicycling projects and leveraged more than $654 million in federal, state and private funding. They’ve contributed millions to national groups and programs dedicated to ensuring safe and accessible riding opportunities for all.

Ride Spot: It's never been easier to find a good ride. Discover great routes, events and challenges from local bike shops, advocacy groups and other riders. 

WTB’s commitment to cycling excellence extends far beyond our products. We were a leader in local off-road advocacy in the early 1980s, and as we expanded our business around the world we also expanded our cycling vision. Inspired by international best practices for cycling infrastructure, in the late 1990s we shifted our advocacy focus while staying connected to our roots. Since 1993 we have championed sustainable mobility in Marin by dedicating countless hours to cycling infrastructure projects.  Working together with advocacy partners, our results include local and federal legislation to fund millions of Marin’s cycling infrastructure, opening bicycle (and train) tunnels, rewriting the USA bicycle infrastructure design standards, miles of dedicated cycling facilities, and a chronicle of Study Programs that have empowered our local, national, and international delegates to transform their communities. We are leading by example, teaching what we learn, and inspiring others to take action supporting cycling as the simple solution to so many of today’s challenges.  Join us.