One-A-Day Giveaway

There's no getting around it. These are crazy times requiring us to take drastic measures in order to get back to the good times. In an effort to provide some light in these times of uncertainty, we're giving away 30 prizes to 30 winners for all 30 days of April. Simply enter your information below and you'll be in the running for each of the 30 days! Winners are selected randomly and contacted daily. Participation open to Europe and North America.
#ridewtb   #oneadaygiveaway
What are we giving away? We will be selecting from the entire pool of entries every day and therefore you don't increase your chance of a bigger prize by waiting until the end. Enter now!
April 1-5  TCS Accessories
April 6-9 Hat
April 10-14 Grips
April 15-19 Apparel
April 20-24 Saddle
April 25-29 Tires
April 30 Tires + Saddle
Day 1 Winner: Tim T. from Lafayette, USA 
Day 2 Winner: Nic H. from Bend, USA
Day 3 Winner: Oliver G. from Denver, USA
Day 4 Winner: Max R. Utrecht, Netherlands
Day 5 Winner: Alfred B. from Placerville, USA
Day 6 Winner: Greg C. from Wicklow, Ireland
Day 7 Winner: Tim D. from Ottawa, Canada
Day 8 Winner: George T. from Traverse City, USA
Day 9 Winner: John N. from Granite Bay, USA
Day 10 Winner: Dan P. from Roseville, USA
Day 11 Winner: Jaime G. from Madrid, Spain
Day 12 Winner: Nathan W. from New York, USA
Day 13 Winner: Mike M. from Auburn, USA
Day 14 Winner: Joe A. from Lakewood, OH
Day 15 Winner: Danill O. from Pleasanton, CA
Day 16 Winner: Jaron S. from Smithfield, UT
Day 17 Winner: Christian P. from Manitoba, Canada
Day 18 Winner: Jason O. from Herefordshire, UK
Day 19 Winner: William W. from Copalis Beach,  WA
Day 20 Winner: Terry R. from Opelousas, LA
Day 21 Winner: Chris K. from Rio Rancho, CA
Day 22 Winner: Luc M. from Haute Vienne , France
Day 23 Winner: Alex P. from Lubbock, TX
Day 24: Winner: Matej K. from Borinka, Slovakia
Day 25 Winner: Brian H. from North Chester, VA
Day 26 Winner: Will H. from Simi Valley, CA
Day 27 Winner: Thomas R. from Springboro, OH
Day 28 Winner: Steve. Y from Helena, AL
Day 29: Winner: Wesley Y. from Little Neck, NY
Day 30 Winner: Richard S. Las Cruces, NM