Jason Moeschler

Jason began racing bikes at age 14 and over the course of his racing career has become a three-time Mountain Bike World Championship Competitor, ‘97 US Junior National Champion, as well as a four-time Downieville All Mountain Pro Champion. Now the 35-year-old races the clock for daylight to ride. It’s a constant battle to balance the demands of his full-time job as WTB’s OEM sales manager with traveling to races and trade shows, training, not to mention being a dad, husband, and all around good guy who’s always willing to help someone out.

From coaching mtb skills clinics for NorCal kids, wrenching on bikes for old friends, to giving away all of his firewood to the old lady next door—you get the picture. Yeah, he's a nice guy but rest assured—not all nice guys finish last—least of all Moeschler, who might possibly be the nicest guy who’ll ever pass you.

Moeschler prefers epic rides with friends to racing but manages to remain a threat on the emerging enduro scene and especially in all-mountain and XC events with nasty climbs and technical descents. Among other things, he says pro racing keeps him motivated to stay fit and live healthy.

Sponsors: WTB, Cannondale, Shimano, Fox, Pearl Izumi, Smith, Stages Power, Kali Protectives

How long you have been with WTB: 19 Years

Age: 35

Discipline: A little of everything - Mostly Mountain Bike Enduro and Cross Country.  I sprinkle in the occasional road race, or gravel grinder adventure race.

Hometown: Nevada City, California

Favorite place to ride: Graeagle, California

Fun fact: I spend at least a month and a half in Taiwan every year.

How WTB contributes to your success? WTB allows myself and other team riders to directly influence product, so that we have exactly what we need to win races.

How you got started out competing? My Mom worked with a group of guys that were big mountain bike enthusiasts.  They heard that I liked to ride, and took me out for a ride.  I think they saw some promise in my fitness, so they thought it would be a good idea to take me to an upcoming race.  I placed 2nd in the race (1994, Northstar Twilight series XC race).  From then on, I was hooked.

First experience with a bike: The first bike I can remember was a He-Man bike with training wheels, likely purchased at K-Mart.  I got a lot of miles in on that one.  My Grandpa Bud (yes, the Bud is a nickname given to him from his drinking Buddies) taught me how to ride the He-Man bike without training wheels.

Who do you look up to? My Elders.  They have experienced so much more than I.  They rarely offer poor advise. 

Other activities(off the bike): Does home maintenance count as an activity?

Beverage of Choice: Anything without alcohol.

Place you have always wanted to ride: I think I have ridden just about anywhere I have ever wanted to go.  The bike has taken me so many places.  These days, all I really want to do is ride close to home, in the Downieville and Tahoe region.

Instagram handle: jasonmoeschler

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Twitter handle: @jasonmoeschler