KOM Tough i35

KOM Tough i35

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Simply put, KOM Tough rims were built for bashing. We designed them to overcome everything in their unforgiving path. KOM Tough rims are extruded from top-tier 6069 aluminum alloy for unbeatable durability at a reasonable weight, while Dual I-Beam supports further increase strength and lateral stiffness for the world’s most aggressive riders. WTB's unique Solid Strip integration also ensure they'll be the easiest to mount and most reliable tubeless rims you'll ever owned. KOM Tough has been proven on the toughest tracks of the Enduro World Series, depended on for daily trail rides, and trusted while bikepacking in remote regions of the world.
Usage: Trail / Enduro / Gravity
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Dual I-Beam Support
Two vertical supports within the inner cavity drastically increase the strength and lateral stiffness of our KOM Tough rims. These additional reinforcements counteract spoke loads, which improves stiffness and minimizes deflection in rocky, unpredictable terrain.
Dependable 6069 Alloy
Many years of rim development and success have confirmed 6069 to be the perfect aluminum alloy blend for mountain bike rims. Our extensive testing shows other 6000-series alloy to be less ding-resistant, while stiffer 7000-series alloys result in a harsher ride feel and tend to increase pinch flats.
4D Angled Spoke Holes
Drilling spoke holes at an angle eliminates binding and lateral loading of the spoke and nipple interface. It also allows spoke tension to be more evenly dispersed on the nipple rather than loading one side more than the other. Allowing the spoke to depart the rim at a natural angle increases the longterm durability of both the spoke and nipple.
TCS Solid Strip
Durable nylon strip that lies between the rim and tubeless tape to prevent tubeless tape from pushing into the spoke holes and ensures a smooth interface between the tire and rim. The smooth surface makes it easier to mount a tire by preventing air from escaping around the bead at each indent during inflation. Solid Strip also protects the airtight system from puncture in the case of a broken spoke.
35mm inner rim width
Rims with an inner rim width of 35-40mm are designed for tires widths ranging from 2.6-3.0". Pairing a wider rim to wider tires ensures optimal sidewall support and tire volume, which allows riders to run lower air pressure and fully benefit from the advantages of 2.6-3.0" tires. Preference will determine which of the two widths is best for you, but take into account that the 35mm width will provide a rounded tire profile while the 40mm width will provide a flatter tire profile.
TCS (Tubeless Compatible System)
TCS (Tubeless Compatible System) is our standardized tubeless system designed to meet international ETRTO standards and deliver unbeatable tubeless performance and reliability. TCS components reduce weight, increase traction, virtually eliminate flats and has established itself as the most dependable tubeless system available. Our TCS system includes tires, rims, tape, sealant and valves to provide a comprehensive package of unrivaled tubeless performance and reliability.
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